Strategic Goals

Pure Harvest is building a vertically integrated holding company focused on successful companies in the cannabis and CBD industries.

Pure Harvest will implement an aggressive acquisition strategy deploying cash and stock that will allow to quickly generate revenue in states with attractive markets that have legalized cannabis.

This rapid deployment of capital will allow PHCG to make numerous acquisitions and broaden investors’ exposure to the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Pure harvest hemp

Pure Harvest Cannabis Group (PHCG) has recently acquired Prolific Nutrition, a hemp/CBD company that has successfully launched and commercialized a proprietary line of CBD products and a pet-oriented CBD focused division. The Prolific Nutrition name has been changed to Pure Harvest Hemp (PHH) which will become a 100% owned subsidiary of PHCG.

Pure Harvest Hemp will continue to provide the highest quality Hemp products on the market. Our focus is on standing out from the pack and we believe our propriety CBD blends are far superior in every way. PHH will continue developing and commercializing its own proprietary hemp/CBD products, as well as focus on acquiring other top hemp/CBD companies in the US.

Emerging Prodcuts

Pure Harvest is creating an innovative product line that will include THC, CBD, and THC:CBD blended products for the modern cannabis consumer.