A Bold New Vision for Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Worldwide

Stock Symbol : PHCG 


Pure Harvest was formed to assume an important leadership role in all aspects of the rapidly developing new multi billion dollar global health and wellness industry based in cannabis and hemp. The following presentation will describe in detail who we are, what we are planning and why we believe Pure Harvest will prove to be both financially rewarding for our shareholders and highly beneficial for society.

Pure Harvest Cannabis Group, Inc.

Pure Harvest Cannabis Group, Inc. (OTC: PHCG) is a publicly traded holding company and cannabis conglomerate formed by a team of seasoned, pioneering cannabis executives actively involved in all cycles of cannabis/CBD since the early stages of the industry.

Guiding Beliefs

The company is guided by the following beliefs:

  1. We are witnessing a once in a lifetime historic event —the long overdue end of cannabis and hemp prohibition worldwide.

  2. We are in the early stages of a modern industrial revolution; a new multi billion dollar global health and wellness industry based on cannabis and hemp based products.

  3. We deeply believe in the transformational powers the cannabis plant has to heal and change the world for the better.

  4. We plan to be the leader in green sustainable environmentally responsible production and distribution of cannabis products worldwide.

The Beginning

In 2018, the founders of PHCG acquired control of
a 10-year old, publicly traded company. They have changed the company name and symbol, introduced a new management team and business plan, and positioned the public company to serve as a platform for substantial worldwide growth in the booming cannabis/CBD market.

Strategic Goals

Pure Harvest is building a vertically integrated holding company focused on successful companies in the cannabis and CBD industries.

Pure Harvest will implement an aggressive acquisition strategy deploying cash and stock that will allow to quickly generate revenue in states with attractive markets that have legalized cannabis.

This rapid deployment of capital will allow PHCG to make numerous acquisitions and broaden investors’ exposure to the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Corporate Snapshot

NAME: Pure Harvest Cannabis Group, Inc.
CEO: Matthew D. Gregarek

STOCK PRICE: $0.65 per shareINDUSTRY: Cannabis/CBD Health and Wellness


• Pure Harvest Colorado*
• Pure Harvest Hemp
• Solar Cultivation Technologies, Inc.*



Cannabis Revenue Projections

The PHCG management team believes that the global cannabis/CBD markets growth is going to far exceed current industry estimates.

Snapshot of Current U.S. Cannabis Market

The Average US Public Cannabis Company Market Cap is $460 Million.

It is among this group of companies that PHCG believes significant value will be created in the US Sector.

When US prohibition ends, US cannabis operators will be exceptional acquisition candidates for larger companies wishing to enter this emerging $100 billion annual market by 2025.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.59.05 PM.png

Emerging Cannabis/CBD Industry

Potential Markets Going to Be Disrupted by the

emerging Cannabis/CBD Industry:

• Pharma
• Alcohol
• Sports/ Energy/ Workout Recovery Drinks • Sleep
• Pain Management
• Pet Supplements
• Beauty Products
• Topicals/Lotions and Creams
• Food Products

* The anticipated products that will be used to serve these industries share one need in common:Cannabinoids (CBD, THC, and CBG)

Five Exceptional Acquisitions

Pure Harvest Cannabis Group (PHCG) is implementing an aggressive acquisition strategy targeting successful firms in the cannabis, CBD, and ancillary industries.

Initial targets include:

  • Two Colorado cannabis businesses holding seven licenses

    (Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates, SKM)

  • A Colorado based hemp/CBD company (Prolific Nutrition)

  • A sustainable cultivation technology company based in

    Denver (Solar Cultivation Technologies)

    The planned roll-up will immediately provide PHCG with $500,000+ in monthly revenues with immediate profitability from the cannabis acquisitions alone.

Solar Cultivation Technologies, Inc.

SCT is a newly formed Colorado based startup company that has developed a proprietary cultivation system called GreenCannTM. The GreenCannTM system is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by implementing a proprietary cannabis growing system based on sustainable agricultural practices and renewable energy production and storage.

The GreenCannTM system allows a warehouse cannabis operator to increase yields and produce premium-quality cannabis using solar and wind power as the energy source, resulting in ultra-low carbon footprint, increased profits, and a cleaner planet.

SCT will monetize the GreenCannTM system in the following ways:

  • Profit on the sale and installation of the GreenCannTM systems for retrofit (47% markup) and new construction (39% markup).

  • Interest from financing the GreenCannTM systems

  • SCT signs a Master Service Agreement with the operator to provide supply

    chain management and material acquisition/delivery services, which provides ongoing cash flow SCT.

Pure Harvest Hemp

Pure Harvest Cannabis Group (PHCG) has recently acquired Prolific Nutrition, a hemp/CBD company that has successfully launched and commercialized a proprietary line of CBD products and a pet-oriented CBD focused division. The Prolific Nutrition name has been changed to Pure Harvest Hemp (PHH) which will become a 100% owned subsidiary of PHCG.

Pure Harvest Hemp will continue to provide the highest quality Hemp products on the market. Our focus is on standing out
from the pack and we believe our propriety CBD blends are
far superior in every way. PHH will continue developing and commercializing its own proprietary hemp/CBD products, as well as focus on acquiring other top hemp/CBD companies in the US.


Pure Harvest Cannabis Group Leadership Team


Matthew D. Gregarek


Mr. Gregarek has emerged as one of the
most respected leaders in the $1.6 billion Colorado cannabis industry. He is the founder and managing partner of GKG Investments,
a highly successful private equity fund that has founded and/ or assisted with early stage financing for multiple highly successful public cannabis companies including General Cannabis (CANN), AmeriCann (ACAN), One Cannabis Group and CLS Holdings (CLSH). He is a founder, CEO and director of
Pure Harvest Capital Group, the holding company, and will serve on the board of the company’s two subsidiaries Solar Cultivation Technologies and Pure Harvest Hemp.
He received his degree in business from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nickolas J. Brait*


Nick Brait is a practicing attorney in Colorado and Arizona and has advised numerous Cannabis operators on licenses and operations since 2012. He is a recognized legal expert and has provided consultation for companies and helped win numerous licenses in multiple states.

Daniel Garza


Daniel Garza brings over 10 years of business and marketing experience to the Pure Harvest team. He has been at the forefront
of Cannabis marketing and has developed multiple brands and marketing strategies for some of the largest cannabis brands in the industry. Mr. Garza was hired on as CEO of Prolific Nutrition in 2018 where he branded Colorado CBD Oil and launched Wild Pet Blends. He and his team have ambitions plans for making Pure Harvest Hemp a major player in the rapidly growing hemp/ CBD global market.


Pure Harvest Colorado Leadership Team


Edward P. Ray*


Edward founded CGC in 2015 to offer Medical patients concentrates and consumer products. Our extraction process is free of any harsh chemicals or solvents offering Colorado patients a clean medicated product. In 2018, he created the distillate- infused Edibles line of products, offering patients chocolate bars, gummies, granola, and infused drinks. The Koala Bar is the fastest growing edible in Colorado and Edward has plans to produce the bars in multiple states by Jan 2020. His success in the Colorado Cannabis market has allowed him to be able make a difference in the community as well.

Neale Davis Gibbons*


Mr. Gibbons is the founder and CEO of SKM Cannabis, an innovative Colorado based vertically integrated cannabis operator. He has expertise in all aspects
of the cannabis industry from seed to sale with advanced understanding of cannabis and hemp extraction. He served in product development for EBBU, which recently sold for $350 million to Canopy Growth (CGC). Mr. Gibbons received his BS degree from Weber State University.

Jason Ray*


Mr. Ray is a master marijuana cultivator
with over a decade of experience growing cannabis. In 2009 Mr. Ray founded Sundance Gardens in Colorado, and designed and manages the commercial grow facility. Mr. Ray has grown the business to include over 30 strains of top-shelf flower popular for its reputation for consistent quality. Mr. Ray has extensive knowledge of cannabis genetics, strain selection, consumer purchasing, and the rapid advances in the technology of cannabis supplies and equipment.


Solar Cultivation Technologies (SCT) Leadership Team


Chris Ebersberg


Chris Ebersberg was a senior sales manager for Solar City (NASDAQ: TSLA) and SUNRUN (NASDAQ: RUN)’s Colorado sales department. He will be directing the entire GreenCannTM sales and marketing program for retrofit projects and

new construction in multiple states as he did for SUNRUN (NASDAQ: RUN) and Solar City. He’s served in this role for almost 10 years.

Paul Vancea


Paul Vancea will play a key role in the formation and structure of the company and will be the contact for investor and public relations. Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude with a triple major with focus on economics and business from Brandeis University. He has extensive experience in formation and launching of startups and will add significant experience.

Micah Maberry


Mr. Maberry was recruited by Solar City (NASDAQ: TSLA) to start an Energy Efficiency division to complement Solar City (NASDAQ: TSLA)’s leading PV side. He worked as Director of Sales for Stellar Energy Contractors where he conducted all sales training and marketing activities and established and maintained new construction and retro-fit accounts for several residential and commercial industries.

Tim Folk


Mr. Folk is a widely recognized and experienced operations professional in the solar industry, specializing in large scale solar installations. He served at SUNRUN (NASDAQ: RUN) for six years as branch operations manager (BOM) and construction supervisor.