Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pure Harvest?

The Pure Harvest Cannabis Group, Inc. (the “Company”) (Symbol: PHCG) is a new science-based medical cannabis company focused on developing precision dosed cannabinoid products. Pure Harvest intends to develop health and wellness consumer products, and large-scale supply chain operations for organically grown cannabinoids and terpenes in North America. Pure Harvest has recently entered into three (3) strategic Letters of Intent (LOIs), which are discussed below.

The company plans to be a vertically integrated multi-state operator (MSO) active in every cycle of the cannabis and hemp industry—research and development, cultivation, processing, dispensaries, delivery and cannabis/CBD centric consumption venues.

Pure Harvest has recently merged with a publicly traded adult beverage company and is launching a $10,000,000 capital raise to close its first acquisitions and commence vertically integrated operations with plans to expand in the US and internationally.

The best efforts PIPE offering will be managed by WestPark Capital, a licensed investment banking firm based in Los Angeles, CA with offices in Scottsdale, AZ.

What makes Pure Harvest special for investors and potential investors?

The company was founded and is managed and advised by a team of individuals with significant first-hand executive experience in all aspects of leading, financing and growing public cannabis and hemp companies.

The team has been fully engaged in forming, advising and/or financing of four other private and public cannabis companies over the last six years that have operations in multiple states.

The Pure Harvest team has first-hand knowledge of how the cannabis industry and capital markets work, the best opportunities and attractive acquisitions, and how to create shareholder value.

The team has exceptional relations and works in concert with investment bankers, the public markets and know how to raise capital—a vital component of the cannabis/CBD industry.

Why do the Founders and management of Pure Harvest think there is the need for another new public cannabis company?

The Founders, management and advisors formed Pure Harvest based on our firm belief that there is an opportunity to create a new public company focused on developing health and wellness consumer products, and large-scale supply chain operations for organically grown cannabinoids and terpenes in North America.

Is Pure Harvest a publicly traded company?

Yes. Pure Harvest has recently merged with The Pocket Shot Company (Formerly: PCKKD).

The company shareholders have approved a name change to Pure Harvest Cannabis Group, Inc., and a new stock trading symbol, (Symbol: PHCG), has been approved.

Is the Pocket Shot/Pure Harvest transaction a reverse merger with a shell company?

No. The Pocket Shot Company is publicly traded and has been in business for over 10 years, The Pocket Shot Company is an Evergreen, Colorado based adult beverage company that is not a shell company.

Pure Harvest will retain and expand the Pocket Shot product line, and plans to use the Pocket Shot brand and technology to create a line of THC/CBD infused beverages.

What is the Pure Harvest business model?

The company is transitioning into becoming a vertically integrated multi-state operator (MSO) and international producer and purveyor of the world’s finest quality cannabis and hemp-derived health and wellness products to support active life styles, patient health and well-being.

Why is Pure Harvest choosing to be a vertically integrated multi-state operator (MSO)?

Based on many years of active involvement in the cannabis/CBD industry the Pure Harvest team believes there are significant advantages to vertical integration.

The company plans to own, control and be active in every aspect of the commercial cannabis/CBD industry including research and development, cultivation, processing, dispensaries, delivery and cannabis/CBD centric consumption venues.

Where will the company be located and where will their first operations be?

The company is based in Santa Monica, California with regional offices in Denver and New York. Management is extremely positive about the outlook for the US market and plans to be very aggressive in multiple states.

How does Pure Harvest plan to finance its acquisition and growth plans?

Management plans to leverage the founders’ success, experience, knowledge and industry relationships to achieve rapid growth through the acquisitions and/or joint ventures and partnerships with high quality licensees in multiple states in the US and internationally. The Company will use stock and cash to finance their expansion.

What cannabis/CBD products does Pure Harvest plan to develop and offer?

The Company plans to develop a new comprehensive high quality line of cannabis and hemp/CBD based health and wellness products intended to be sold at the company’s planned cannabis centric health and wellness retail centers utilizing the Pure Harvest brand.

Products are expected to include a Pure Harvest beverage line, medications, vaporizers, edibles, capsules, tinctures, flower, concentrates, lotions and creams, pet products and others.

Does the company have its first acquisitions identified?

Yes. Pure Harvest has a pipeline of what they consider exceptional candidates and has entered into three (3) Letters of Intent (LOIs) to acquire two highly regarded revenue producing licensed Colorado based cannabis companies. The third LOI involves investment and development in a Yerba Mate beverage product which will be infused with CBD.

The company will use the proceeds from the PIPE to close the first acquisitions, launch its business plan and become a revenue producing licensed operator.

What are the plans for increasing awareness of Pure Harvest and its stock?

The company has recently changed its corporate name to the Pure Harvest Cannabis Group, and an up listing to the OTCQX, the highest tier of companies in the OTC Markets Group.

Following the completion of the PIPE, the company plans to launch an active public relations and investor communication program to increase awareness of the Pure Harvest story.

Accredited investors interested in learning more should contact the Company directly.

Where can I buy Pure Harvest products?

Pure Harvest is a development stage company and its planned products are not currently available for sale.